EXCEL EA-1: Introduction to MATLAB Programming

Course Syllabus version 2

Week 1

DC_Lay_ch2.1-2.2 (review of matrix multiplication)

youtube_ios_icon Intro to vectors (from Khan Academy, 6 minutes)

youtube_ios_icon Adding vectors (from Khan Academy, 7 minutes)

Wednesday LAB 02: MATLAB codePowerpoint

Homework 1: InstructionsMATLAB code

Thursday LAB 03: MATLAB codePowerpoint

Week 2

Tuesday LAB 05: MATLAB codePowerpoint

Homework 2: InstructionsMATLAB code

Wednesday LAB 06: MATLAB code, Powerpoint

Thursday LAB 07: MATLAB codePowerpoint

Friday LAB 08: MATLAB codePowerpoint

Week 3

Monday LAB 09: MATLAB codePowerpoint

Row Reduction and solving linear systems:

Wednesday LAB 11: LAB_11.zip

Thursday LAB 12: LAB_12.zipPowerpoint

Friday LAB 13: PowerpointLAB_13.mLAB_13_tetris.m

Week 4

Homework 3: Instructions

Monday LAB 14: Powerpoint

Tuesday Tutorial 15: MATLAB code

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Final Exam Review

MATLAB cheat sheet!

Final topic review

MATLAB problem from last years exam


Kolman ch. 1.5 (solutions of linear equations)

Reading: Reduced row echelon form

D.C. Lay ch. 2.1-2.2 (matrix algebra)

D.C. Lay ch. 6.6 (linear models and regression)

Kolman ch. 1.1-1.3 (linear equations and matrices)